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      Approximately 242,000 cases of Kraft Mac and Cheese Original flavor dinners were recalled because they may contain small metal fragments. There were boxes flagged with the best if used by dates of September 18 through October 11th 2015. Some were packaged in multi pack units with various code numbers and dates on the external packaging. The recalled products were sent to the United States and several other countries with the exception of Canada.  

    Be on the lookout for the dates on the packaging of the following Kraft products that are part of this recall: 7.25 oz. box of Original Flavor mac and cheese, 3-pack box of those 7.25 oz. boxes of Original Flavor mac and cheese, 4-pack shrink-wrap of those 7.25 oz. boxes of Original Flavor mac and cheese, and the 5-pack shrink wrap of those 7.25 oz. boxes of Original Flavor mac and cheese.

    No word yet on how the metal fragments may have come into contact with the product and packaged with it. 8 Customers have reported the metal fragments so far, but there have been no injuries. Any customer who has bought one of the products with the dates above has been instructed by Kraft to not eat it, and return it to the store of purchase for a full refund. The full press release can be found at:….

      Being a curious person, I downloaded the app “Yik Yak” after overhearing about somebody using it in one of my classes. At first, it seemed like a safe, useful space for students to ask questions and advice of fellow students and people around them. This eliminated the humiliation factor that is all too common with shy students. It was helpful and had some cute jokes or sayings at first, but it soon turned into a source of bullying, bigotry, and overall hatred on campus.        

     For those of you who may not know, “Yik Yak” is an app that lets 500 people around your general area communicate with you anonymously. It works sort of in a twitter like style. You can up-vote or down-vote your favorite posts called “Yaks”, and even pick a username if you so choose. The app does not allow names or foul language, and deletes posts that they deem to be unnecessary or innapropriate. It is not perfect however, and a lot of foul things slip through the cracks.

    There are lots of posts about where to meet up for sex, drugs, and partying. The app also seems to encourage bullying, racism, sexism, and anti equal rights posts by allowing people to hide behind their anominity. Although the app claims to filter out language, profanity, and giving out personal information, kids still seem to find a way around it to make fun of someone. High target areas include the dorms, the dining halls, and the SMC.

    What disappoints me even more about it, is that when an awful post is displayed, it gets lots of support, suggesting that many kids on campus take pleasure in mocking or degrading minorities or bullying innocent strangers. Not to mention the fact that it highlights students participating in illegal activity a lot of the time. A few RA’s have taken initiative and follow it closely enough to be able to stop things from getting out of hand when a room number or specific dorm is mentioned in these ways, but I wonder if it is enough.

    It seems that as soon as someone gets behind a keyboard or screen, they feel the need to express their hatred and opinions to the world without thinking of who might be receiving it on the other end. I encourage students to think before they start posting things in this way. We all got talked to about bullying at some point in our academic careers and how to prevent it, did all of that get thrown out the window because now you are not attaching your name to it? Nobody knows what someone else may be going through, and putting them down, or bullying them into submission is not the way to be using this new technology.

    I am not against “Yik Yak” at all. I just believe that students should be using it differently than they are currently. If the app can go back to being funny jokes and song lyrics every day, I will happily return to using it. Until then, I plan on deleting it from my app library.

    Being my first, and last semester in the Suites, I thought it important to bring up an important issue. Visitation. Many students do not take the rules of the visitation policy seriously, and even the desk attendants and RA’s give little effort to uphold said rules. Some barely check to see if people coming through the doors even belong to that particular dorm in the first place. I, and many others moving into the suites were surprised when we learned that the halls were Co-ed. This complicates the dating visitations that were formerly not as much of an issue in the other dorms.

            I had a roommate that had her boyfriend from across the hall living in our suite every day and night. He used our shower, our sink, slept in her bed, and stayed up to all hours of the night doing noisy things. This included but is not limited to talking on the phone, giggling and watching loud Youtube videos, blasting music, and taking showers in the middle of the night, only to be annoyed when I had to wake up for class early the next day. Not once did he go down to the desk to get a visitation pass. He was also there by himself often violating the fact that visitors need to be escorted around at all times. Overnight guests are also supposed to be of the same gender as I recall from the handbook.

    I still do not understand why he did not choose to live in his perfectly good dorm that he paid for. There are also supposed to be length of stay limits that would make it unable for him to stay over night. Since there has never been a Co-Ed dorm to this extent before, the school does not really know what to do about it. The fact that he is also a desk attendant for the dorm itself probably doesn’t help either. Maybe he felt above the rules. I am not sure.

    All I know, is that there needs to be a better system in place to handle these new types of challenges. Not a lot of girls would be comfortable in my situation. It is definitely not what I signed up for when I moved here, and I cannot wait to move off campus and be free of it. For future semesters, I suggest that if they are going to stick to the rules they have in place already, they need to be enforcing them, otherwise they need to come up with a new set that fits the situations of the new dorms more effectively.

    Some students over the past few weeks may have noticed the dwindling tree population in the residential quad. Construction workers building the new suites, and the new Net Zero building, have been marking trees with pink paint that are scheduled to be cut down. After being cut down, trees have been seen being put through wood-chippers to create mulch. This mulch will be spread across areas to help grass grow.

    I myself have wondered why they could not have tried to implement the trees somehow into their building plans. A lot of those trees have been around probably longer than I have been alive. It makes me sad thinking that next fall I will not be able to see their leaves changes in color, nor will they grace the beautiful snowy landscape during winter, or produce beautiful buds in the spring.

    According to the New York Times, “One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 26,000 miles. That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year." This makes me severely question why we continue to mindlessly destroy the trees here on campus to make way for more buildings and parking lots.

    Similarly, Environment Canada, Canada's national environmental agency, claims that, "On average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four." The trees that were formerly providing our students and faculty with fresh air while absorbing the carbon Dioxide from all of our beaten down used cars will be nothing but some washed up tambark growing new grass.

One tree of particular concern, The female Ginkgo in the quad, may be in danger being so close to all of that construction. I have not been able to get close enough  to see if it has been marked to be cut down, or if they are simply building around it. Thanks to the maps provided by professor Christopher Hardy, students can look up trees of noteworthy importance on a map he made with information about each tree found here .

    The Ginkgo is said to be around 26 feet tall, and 8 inches wide. The tree is anywhere from 14-22 years old which is pretty young, and I would hate to see its life end so suddenly due to construction mishaps.

    I believe the University needs to seriously consider either fixing up the plans to consider the trees and their well being, or promise to plant twice as many once the new dorms go up. It would be only fair. Until then, we mourn the loss of many beautiful and useful trees that have already been chopped down to make way for the new buildings.

     Most students have had experience by now with Desire To Learn, or D2L, the online learning portal. It allows students to take classes completely online, and offers professors a way to add extra content for their students as well as post grades, Notes, articles, Syllubi, and various other materials. Some classrooms utilize i-clickers, or little remote devices that allow you to interact during class via quizzes and surveys.  All of that data can also be stored and analyzed via D2L. Students can now get their grades right away for quizzes and exams, as well as receive critiques, and participate in discussions with the rest of their class via the discussion forums. Why then, do not all professors take advantage of this fabulous new technology?

            As an art student, I can usually only find 2, or 3 of my classes even listed on D2L. That is only half of my number of classes per semester. Some Professors claim they have too many students to be able to possibly have time to utilize the online portal. Others, have openly admitted they are not technologically inclined enough to spend hours trying to figure out the interface. These are two possibly valid arguments, however, playing devils advocate, I find it hard to believe that using D2L for quizzes and exams would not make their lives easier as far as grading. It puts them in for you! For other various assignments, there are many tools and tutorials to help you put everything in manually. So what really is the issue here?

            Sure, there can be some cons to using the online system such as, internet connectivity issues, D2L maintenance periods, server issues, browser crashes, and so on, but they are few and far between. As long as you are smart about the way you are using it, and do some research on what browsers work best, or when the schedules maintenance days are, you should be good to go. Some things I usually have to remind myself include, using firefox, saving after every question, and making sure I leave enough time for problems when navigating the site, or taking a test. There are also various little get-togethers the library and tech people advertise to teach students and faculty how to use D2L to its full potential. I hate to say it, but if we have to use it, why don’t they have to?

            Don’t get me wrong, the online portions of some classes can be a real drag, but it makes up for it in that I can check my grades almost immediately and not be anxious for weeks wondering how I did on an exam or project. Having Notes and materials available online also helps my studying efforts immensely. Instead of scrambling to take notes during class and missing almost the whole lecture, I can pay attention and actually learn the material the first time around. Having the quizzes and tests online, also takes away that in class anxiety I get when people are finishing early and leaving. For some exams I do not even have to attend class. I can take them in my pajamas if I really wanted to.

    All in all I believe that this new technology that has been presented to us is being extremely under-used, and we need to take steps to ensure that Professors are taking advantage of it to benefit both themselves, and their students. If we keep giving that little push in the right direction, others will follow. It will take some time to get some of them used to it, but in the end, it will create a whole new world of possibilities and cut down on their time slaving over papers hand grading them.


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I know I haven't made a journal in a long time. Just bear with me here. I wanted to talk a little bit about someone I admired that has recently passed away. His name is Monty Oum and he worked for Roosterteeth developing the American Anime "RWBY" and did pretty much most of their design and web stuff. He was a cool dude and I just cant believe he is gone. Here is the article talking about his passing on the official Roosterteeth site in case you haven't seen it as well as his deviantart. I highly encourage you check him out. He may be gone, but he was an inspiration to a lot of people.…

Thanks guys. Peace out.

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