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     Most students have had experience by now with Desire To Learn, or D2L, the online learning portal. It allows students to take classes completely online, and offers professors a way to add extra content for their students as well as post grades, Notes, articles, Syllubi, and various other materials. Some classrooms utilize i-clickers, or little remote devices that allow you to interact during class via quizzes and surveys.  All of that data can also be stored and analyzed via D2L. Students can now get their grades right away for quizzes and exams, as well as receive critiques, and participate in discussions with the rest of their class via the discussion forums. Why then, do not all professors take advantage of this fabulous new technology?

            As an art student, I can usually only find 2, or 3 of my classes even listed on D2L. That is only half of my number of classes per semester. Some Professors claim they have too many students to be able to possibly have time to utilize the online portal. Others, have openly admitted they are not technologically inclined enough to spend hours trying to figure out the interface. These are two possibly valid arguments, however, playing devils advocate, I find it hard to believe that using D2L for quizzes and exams would not make their lives easier as far as grading. It puts them in for you! For other various assignments, there are many tools and tutorials to help you put everything in manually. So what really is the issue here?

            Sure, there can be some cons to using the online system such as, internet connectivity issues, D2L maintenance periods, server issues, browser crashes, and so on, but they are few and far between. As long as you are smart about the way you are using it, and do some research on what browsers work best, or when the schedules maintenance days are, you should be good to go. Some things I usually have to remind myself include, using firefox, saving after every question, and making sure I leave enough time for problems when navigating the site, or taking a test. There are also various little get-togethers the library and tech people advertise to teach students and faculty how to use D2L to its full potential. I hate to say it, but if we have to use it, why don’t they have to?

            Don’t get me wrong, the online portions of some classes can be a real drag, but it makes up for it in that I can check my grades almost immediately and not be anxious for weeks wondering how I did on an exam or project. Having Notes and materials available online also helps my studying efforts immensely. Instead of scrambling to take notes during class and missing almost the whole lecture, I can pay attention and actually learn the material the first time around. Having the quizzes and tests online, also takes away that in class anxiety I get when people are finishing early and leaving. For some exams I do not even have to attend class. I can take them in my pajamas if I really wanted to.

    All in all I believe that this new technology that has been presented to us is being extremely under-used, and we need to take steps to ensure that Professors are taking advantage of it to benefit both themselves, and their students. If we keep giving that little push in the right direction, others will follow. It will take some time to get some of them used to it, but in the end, it will create a whole new world of possibilities and cut down on their time slaving over papers hand grading them.

    Most students, who have been to the art building and needed to answer the call of nature, have noticed the decorative bathroom stalls, and walls. Others might remember the elevator as it was before it was replaced earlier this year. Frequent users of the facilities on the second floor may even tell you about the stall with no door, but a shower curtain, being the only barrier between doing your business and accidental onlookers. Then there are the lockers        with broken hinges, and in some cases no side paneling at all. These are just a few of the quirks of the beloved Breidenstein Hall, home of the Art Department.

    The question is, do these defects and acts of vandalism reflect poorly on the Art students? Or do they add a much needed sense of character and silliness to the building? While interviewing students, they expressed their fondness of the scribbled anecdotes and positive messages on the bathroom stall walls. One student even went as far as to say it made her feel at home when she was visiting the college before she applied. Some of the great things written there at present include:

     “Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough. You need to accept that you are who you are, and who you are is f****** awesome! Okay?”

    “Stay Positive!”

    “Some see a weed, some a wish.”

    “There is such thing as faith and trust and pixie dust.”

    “It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.-Nirvana”

    I am sure that many students have gone into that bathroom during a break and had their spirits lifted after a tough critique or exam. So why do they keep painting over them? They are not harming the students or the university. So why cover them up?

    In the basement where the lockers are held for art students to keep their supplies, the lockers sport stickers, paintings, sharpie marker notes such as “Vandalism Rules”. The students really make it theirs. Army men peek out from all directions as if guarding their belongings, half finished sculptures lay in all corners of the room, clay dust kicks up every time they put down their backpacks. It becomes homey in a creative sort of way. Yet, every now and then you see things disappear, get painted over, whole doors removed and replaced. Why? Beyond needed repairs, is there a reason we need to change anything? Either way, Art students will continue to participate and enjoy these acts of creativity.

Art or vandalism?
An article written for my school newspaper The Snapper. It can be found in its entirety here…

    Its that time of year again. Sniffle season. With winter having no clear end in sight, students have to take precautions to avoid getting sick. It may sound silly, but it could save you a week or two of misery down the road.

    First thing first, wash your hands! If you cant get to a bathroom, at least carry some hand sanitizer. This cuts down on the spread of germs, and acts like a barrier between you and people who may be sick already. Next, try using your sleeve or paper towels to open doors. Also wipe down keyboards, and telephones, with some anti bacterial before use. Do not share writing implements, food, drink, or anything of that sort with friends or neighbors.  Not touching your face can really help reduce the chances of icky sicky germs. Be smart, and avoid friends you know are sick.

    Last but not least, it would be a good idea to get a flu shot just to be safe. If you do happen to get sick, stay home from class. It is not fair to get the rest of your friends sick. Stay home, drink some tea with honey, and read a book or something. Staying hydrated and rested is the key!

    Everyone knows someone or has heard someone complain about the South Side Suites over the past semester. South suites replaced Lenhardt hall over the summer of 2014 and students were able to move in for the fall semester of that year. Since then, the place has had a lot going on.

    Imagine getting in bed, closing your eyes, and drifting off to sleep only to be awoken a few minutes later by a loud noise. It’s the fire alarm, telling you to evacuate the building. Then try to imagine standing out in the snow in your pjs without any shoes, and no keys to get back into your room. You beg for someone to let you sit in their car, or try to find somewhere to stay for the night because you have an 8am class and they say you wont get back in until the morning. This is an oh too familiar experience for those living in the suites. Multiple gas leaks, microwave incidents, and kids just playing around, have been the cause of numerous evacuations over the fall and spring semester.

    Those who may have arrived early to campus over the summer for various sports or extra curriculars could tell you that you either got a freezing cold, or scolding hot shower for weeks. Various residents have been bombarding housing with requests for space heaters or fans because the temperature control units do not connect properly with the actually heating and cooling systems. Not to mention, the break ins we were all warned about, because for some reason, the locks on the doors do not line up, making it impossible to lock away your valuables while you are out.

    It is hard to feel safe when the main security tends to be pretty lax. The main doors are sometimes just left open to for anyone to enter whilst the desk attendants check their email and don’t ask to show your ID. It is as though anyone could enter and exit the building for any amount of time without being noticed or checked on.

    Thin walls and no respect for quiet hours render efforts to study futile. Students have resorted to blasting music through their headphones or buying industrial grade gun muffler headphones and earplugs just to keep the noise out. Study rooms are almost always occupied, usually by a video game tournament, or some sort of social gathering, turning a possible great feature of the building into a practically useless amenity.

    The single sink vanity in the middle of the entryway, as opposed to actually being in the bathroom, creates chaos and friction between suite mates everywhere. Getting ready in the morning and before bed becomes a constant battle. The build in closets leave little choice as far as room arrangement, making the rooms appear small and cluttered. Those with disabilities are also out of luck when one of the elevators break down and they have to wait 10-15 minutes just to get a ride to their rooms.

    Students with cars leave for a grocery run knowing when they get back they will have to circle the lots for close to 20 minutes before finding a spot when someone else leaves. Those using their bikes to get around, use trash bags and cloths to try to make up for the insufficient cover provided for the bike racks near the entryways. Co-ed floors make the living situation awkward when a suitemate decides to let their significant other from across the hall live with them and use their facilities 24/7. The walkway to classes is sometimes a tunnel between large chain link fences guarding construction on the new suites to be built right next to the ones already in place.

    People are abandoning ship. More people have been saying their suite mates have moved to Shenks, or even off campus to run away from the inconveniences of living in the new dorms. The Second section of the construction should be done by fall of 2015, but no word on whether they will mimick the south suites or be different in their construction and or layout.


The not-so suite life
An Article written for my University Newspaper "The Snapper"  that can be found online here…
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I know I haven't made a journal in a long time. Just bear with me here. I wanted to talk a little bit about someone I admired that has recently passed away. His name is Monty Oum and he worked for Roosterteeth developing the American Anime "RWBY" and did pretty much most of their design and web stuff. He was a cool dude and I just cant believe he is gone. Here is the article talking about his passing on the official Roosterteeth site in case you haven't seen it as well as his deviantart. I highly encourage you check him out. He may be gone, but he was an inspiration to a lot of people.…

Thanks guys. Peace out.


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I know I haven't made a journal in a long time. Just bear with me here. I wanted to talk a little bit about someone I admired that has recently passed away. His name is Monty Oum and he worked for Roosterteeth developing the American Anime "RWBY" and did pretty much most of their design and web stuff. He was a cool dude and I just cant believe he is gone. Here is the article talking about his passing on the official Roosterteeth site in case you haven't seen it as well as his deviantart. I highly encourage you check him out. He may be gone, but he was an inspiration to a lot of people.…

Thanks guys. Peace out.

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